Selling Fees

No product listing fees, we offer free listings on all your products.

We provide online seller support and fraud protection and security. 

Display your products to millions of shoppers and manage your listings and featured deals. You are in charge of your ads not us.


You can manage your inventory easily. Watch your business grow and look at our fee structure and advertising options. We do not charge any fees for placing your products and listing. 


No membership fees.

No registration fees

Commission structure : - 

Upload products for free, only 35 pence commission on sale upto for sale value of £20 (Special Offer)

Sales value of £20.01 to Sales value of  £50, comission charges 3%

above £50.01 comission charges 5%

Free Unlimited Upload

 We endeavour to establish a reputation for fair and honest trading.

When choosing a marketplace to sell your products, it’s important to understand the various fees that you’ll be charged. Some online marketplaces charge monthly fees, some charge per product that you list for sale, some take a cut of each sale you make – and some charge in all 3 of those ways.

* Fee per month: Marketplaces that charge a monthly fee will charge you that amount, whether or not you make any sales during the month. Some offer a free account level, and offer optional paid levels that include additional features for more advanced users.

* Fee per sale: Many marketplaces charge a small fee for each sale that you make. Some keep a percentage of each sale, some charge a flat fee per sale, and some require both a flat fee and a percentage.

* Fee per listing: Some marketplaces charge a listing fee for each product you post for sale, regardless of whether the product sells.

Before you choose Baabya to sell your products, evaluate the various fees to be sure that you’ll still be profitable when you sell something and then pay the marketplace fees. Refer to the Fees & Pricing table below to see an overview of monthly fees, per-sale fees, and listing fees charged by each of the top online marketplaces.


Set up your account and create and manage your listings.

You pay only when your item sells.

Learn how to Upload your goods easily using the video link.