Restricted Items

It is necessary to restrict the listings for various items. Amongst the banned items include: Tobacco (Items and collectables related to tobacco are accepted.) Alcohol (alcohol-related collectibles are accepted) . * Drugs.

Items that "promote or glorify hatred, violence, racial, sexual, or religious intolerance, or promote organizations with such views." This includes Nazi paraphernalia, although there are exceptions to this rule for Nazi items such as stamps, letters, and envelopes displaying Nazi postmarks (must comply with the currency and stamp policy). Police and emergency service vehicle warning equipment such as red or blue lights and sirens (antique or collectible items are exempt). Forged, illegal, stolen, or confidential documents, which include passports, Social Security cards, drivers licenses, voter registration cards, birth certificates, school documents, medical records, financial information, government license plates, or government classified information documents. Any item that is used to modify documents is also restricted. Human body parts, organs, and remains (with an exception for skeletons and skulls for scientific study).

Certain copyrighted works or trademarked items. Lottery tickets, sweepstakes tickets, or any other gambling items. Military hardware such as working weapons or explosives. Any object of Iranian, Cuban, or North Korean origin. Knives, other than some cutlery. Fortune-telling and witchcraft-related services. * Souls, ghosts, and other "items whose existence cannot be verified" are unaccepted.