How to Buy

The buying process on Baabya is very simple. A convenient process, where you find the item you are interested in, add it to your basket and pay at the checkout.

You will see great deals on the Baabya site and the process of buying doesn't come any easier.

You can add or remove as you go along, and if using the fixed price option you just make your secure payment and complete the details.

Once you have chosen your products and paid for them, you can use the tracking tool to keep a check on your parcel. You will also be sent emails confirming your payment and delivery details.

The items will show up as separate purchases, and show you details of the seller and delivery options.

It is advisable to read the terms and conditions of the Seller, whether it is a company or an individual selling their goods. This provides a clear idea of their policies regarding any damaged or unsuitable goods. This will also outline their return policy and procedure, therefore ensuring our customers have a straightforward and effortless experience.