About Us

Established in 2016, Baabya provides an online market platform providing users with an easy to use website where you can conveniently access and purchase a wide variety of competitive priced quality products online quickly and with ease.
Baabya is available to all and its great easy design and easy to use strategy makes it a super choice. It endeavours to promote easy access to online shopping. On Baabya we created our marketplace for two important reasons, to give local business owners an affordable way to sell their products online and to give shoppers a more convenient way to support the local industry. The special features make uploading your products easy and the support centre offers help in all areas.
For those who are not so tech savvy, Baabya guides you through the whole process of uploading your goods and also the best offers for the cautious customer. An excellent way to learn how this industry works and makes life easy for those who cannot go to shops and retail outlets.
On Baabya Marketplace, you can shop local stores anytime, anywhere. And when we say “local,” we don’t just mean in your particular hometown. Sellers can upload their items from the comfort of their homes and buyers can pick and choose from a wide variety of products anywhere in the UK. This idea encourages people who retail from home on a small scale to advertise their products on this platform, anything from handmade candles to cars. A fun way to start your business from home and encourage youngsters to have a better understanding of business. As they are the future, Baabya offers support and a personal touch to a field saturated by huge organizations.
More pertinently we are committed to providing exceptional customer care and welcome your feedback and comments on how we can help serve you better or improve our site. Plans to be part of the global markets, Baabya will be available in Europe, USA, Asia and the Middle East in the not too distant future.
In this digital age this platform offers a simple easy way to Buy and Sell goods online. This creation by the Tajik family makes it possible to announce your presence on our site completely Free. It can be used by small and medium businesses, large organizations, non profit and Individuals. A way to expand your horizons in this age of social media. Use this platform alongside any other sites and see the special features all free.
Why not try a new way to join the world...Enjoy the Baabya experience.Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for up to date information and news.